Our brands

Planet EDU has promoted a range of proprietary brands, which specialise in different areas of its services. A brief description about these brands is given below. More information can be seen on the respective brand specific websites and micro-sites:

Extralearn LogoExtraLearn is the Learning Facilitation brand that offers Training services and International qualifications. Currently, the brand offers a range Training services including:

Extraback Logo ExtraBack is the Educational Back office solutions brand that offers a range of customised on-line, web-enabled software solutions such as:

  • Learning Management System (LMS), for Flexible and Distributed Learning (FDL)
  • Registration Management System (RMS)
  • Assessment & Examination Management System (AMS)
  • Event Management System (EMS)
  • Marketing Management System (MMS)
  • Internal Management System (IMS)

Extraexams LogoExtraExams is the Examination and Test management brand that offers Secure Examination management & administration services in different environment (paper based, computer based, internet based), Assessment services, localization services for secure examinations, training and empaneling of certified Examiners. Our examination services are backed by our in-house ExtraBack – EMS (Examination Management System)

ExtraTouch LogoExtraTouch ..… linking learners to life, an online global community bringing together learners and global educational institutions and service providers, Supported by; Academics, Professionals, Educational service providers, Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Universities. Membership to ExtraTouch are paid and are classified under 3 categories; Basic, Advanced & Power. However, learners pursuing programmes offered through ExtraLearn will automatically get a free Power membership.

Extrax Logo

ExtraX ..… recognising excellence globally, is brand that recognizes and rewards individuals such as:

  • Academic recognitions for students by way of Bursaries and Scholarships at school level as well as at higher education level
  • Academic recognition for Teachers & Trainers by providing new teaching aids (laptop computers for Computer Aided Teaching), Sponsorship for International qualifications (in India and in abroad) and Continuous Professional Development programmes etc.
  • Sports recognition for students to pursue training at recognised centres to enhance their skills
  • Cultural recognition for enhancing skills in the field of Music, Theatre, Art etc.

English Language LogoEnglish Language Championship is an annual programme that is administered at school level, which is categorized at different levels. These are mainly organized in association with Planet EDU’s Partner Institutions. Successful students receive recognition by way of access to Cambridge English Qualifications (CESOL Examinations) at an appropriate level, part sponsorship for attending English summer schools in-country and internationally.

EDU Convex LogoEDUConvEx is an Educational Conference and Exhibition run once each year, normally in the month of February. The conference is managed by a Steering Committee, which comprises of world figures and well-known academic leaders from around the world. The conference is for two days, where each year one key themes are selected for each day.